ASA is the united voice dedicated to improving the business environment in the construction industry, representing subcontractors before all branches (executive, legislative, judicial) and levels (federal, state, local) of government, to organizations representing other parts of the construction industry, to the news media, and others.



Networking is a key element in growing your business. ASA-OK provides opportunities throughout the year and invite you to take part in our programs. Any person, firm or corporation that in the normal course of business furnishes subcontract labor and/or materials to the construction industry or provides a service to such subcontractors or material suppliers is eligible.



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Out-of-State Contractors coming in and not paying their share of tax has been a big problem. ASA-OK leads the charge on getting everyone who does work in Oklahoma to pay their share of tax.

The Tax Commission now has Out-of-State contractors on their radar. And if out-of-staters are not signed up and paying taxes on the projects in Oklahoma the tax commission will impose stiff penalties and fines. If you know of an Out-of-State contractor not following the law here is the email address ( where you can report the company.

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